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Preparing for PPACA
Key Decisions for Laying the Groundwork

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has the potential to impact every employer in the United States, and Catholic employers are no exception. PPACA may significantly change the way a Catholic employer offers healthcare coverage to its employees.

There are many options for Catholic organizations to provide healthcare coverage, including self-funding, working with an outside private insurance company, connecting employees with Medicare and Medicaid or partnering with a qualified church plan. Before PPACA goes into full effect on January 1, 2014, an organization will need to decide if providing healthcare should be included as part of the organization’s total compensation package to attract and retain employees in the future.

Determining how your organization will respond to the legislation should be an intentional process that considers several different factors. This white paper discusses some of those factors and offers tips for decision-making.


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